Rescue ponies, Ken and Bruce

Late one evening in January 2017, the centre received a phone call to say that two horses were close to the roadside. Arriving on site, in the dark it was very obvious that the two horses were not those that belonged to the centre. Guided to safety for the night, it was only the next morning where the horrific sight could really be seen.

 Initially it was believed that they were mare and foal, however on closer inspection the adult was a stallion and the baby a colt. Named Ken and Bruce by one of the centre's volunteers, a vet attended giving Bruce (foal) only a 50-50 chance of survival. 

The matted hair around Kens hooves was removed, and a large section of tail hair cut off. This is not something we wanted to do, however was about immediate relief for him. Bruce was weak, and had very little interest in eating. Both were afraid of all human contact.


Ken and Bruce have touched so many people, we are so thankful and overwhelmed by your kind words, donations and ongoing support.